"The mission of The Artist Relief Fund is to provide the dancers of Ballet Arizona financial support in times of extended injury, personal hardship, and imminent career transition. The Artist Relief Fund raises funds by hosting an annual production created by Ballet Arizona dancers through which the dancers are able to develop meaningful relationships with their community. "


The career of a ballet dancer is often seen as glamorous and blessed—dancers spend their days honing and perfecting an art they love and, best of all, they ultimately share their work with an audience.  But, the tale that is rarely told is that of the end of a dancer’s career.  

The trajectory of a dancer’s career is vastly different from that of many others.  Dancers begin training around age seven and, oftentimes, begin searching for a job as early as age seventeen.  If the dancer is lucky, he or she is able to continue their professional career into their early to mid thirties, however it is not uncommon for injury to unexpectedly curtail a dancer’s career.  Before the dancer reaches their late thirties they have reached retirement.  

Typically, the end of a dancer’s career is not met with joy and satisfaction, but with worry and fear of the unknown.   Having spent a life dedicated to the art of dance, most dancers have little to no college education, making it difficult to step forward into a new career path.  The Artist Relief Fund helps dancers with this difficult transition by providing financial support as dancers receive the necessary education to recycle their skills as dancers and use them in a new career.  Not only does the Fund offer dancers financial support for higher education, but also during times of extended time off due to injury and family emergencies. 

The Artist Relief Fund was born from the understanding that life’s hardships and transitions can be burdensome and difficult to bear alone. Therefore, The Artist Relief Fund enables dancers to take on these challenges and become meaningful members of their community.

The Artist Relief Fund, Inc is a 501(c)(3) organization. 

If you are unable to make it to our performance but would like to contribute to The Artist Relief Fund, Inc. you can make a secure donation by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. Or you can reach us by mail at:


The Artist Relief Fund, Inc. 

c/o Ballet Arizona

2835 E. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85034

email us with questions or concerns: 


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Since our first event in 2013 we've been able to distribute over $23,500 to the Dancers of Ballet Arizona. These benefits have gone to assist with:

-family emergencies


-career transition

-extended time off from injury


Dancers' Choice is choreographed, planned and produced by the Dancers of Ballet Arizona. The dancers volunteer all of their time in planning this event. 



-casting/picking repetoire

-event planning(catering, decorating, staffing volunteers)

-acquiring liquor license

-silent auction

-marketing and graphics



-coordinating and working with production staff

Not only does the event raise money for the fund it gives dancers the opportunity to explore new areas that might interest them. Please join us! 


Finale from Dancers' Choice 2016

Finale from Dancers' Choice 2016

Founders-Joseph Cavanaugh & Kenna Draxton

Board of Directors:

Eric Hipolito (joined February 2017)

Jillian Barrell (Joined September 2016)

Sasha Vincett (Joined August 2015)

Ana Maria Spear (Joined February 2017)


The Artist Relief Fund, Inc. 

c/o Ballet Arizona

2835 E. Washington St. 

Phoenix, AZ 85034






Sasha Vincent-Divertimento No. 15-Artist Relief Fund Treasurer